Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Papercraft Strawberry

Papercraft Strawberry Pixie Grandpa

Yesterday, I was searching among the ancient Fragarixie scrolls for a strawberry cake recipe, when I came across one, which I have never seen before. A strange plan, it contained. With some research I managed to identify it as a pattern for making a model of a strawberry out of paper! I thought you'd find it interesting, so here it is...
Now you can make your own paper strawberry!

Download the pattern here!


  1. The mame is papercraft, the art of make things of paper. You can visit this site:
    with a lot of cool things to make with paper.

  2. i have a question, could you please post a reply: when i try to print the strawberry, the print preview comes out HUMONGOUS so that means that when i print it, it won't fit on my A4 paper. could you fix it so it fits A4?

  3. did u have video tutorial for this one papercraft ?